Wireless Charging Market Analysis- By Technology (Magnetic Inductance, Magnetic Resonance, Radio-wave); By Range (Short range, Medium range, Long range); By Applications (Consumer Electronics, Industrial, Automobile)-With Forecast (2015 – 2020)

Date: 2016-01

“Wireless charging is a process of energizing devices like smartphones, wearable devices, tablet Pc’s, EV’s and power tools wirelessly with the help of electromagnetic induction and resonance techniques. The charging process is broadly segmented primarily on the basis of technology, such as magnetic inductance, magnetic resonance, radio wave Charging, microwave charging and laser beam charging. . The total wireless charging equipment market is forecast to reach $15.15 bn by 2020 with CAGR of 48.68%. In wireless charging process the efficiency of a charging technique is in-directly proportional to the distance between transmitter and receiver. For instance, in magnetic inductance the distance between transmitter and receiver is very modest due to this magnetic inductance attains higher efficiency compared to remaining techniques. Radio wave charging uses radio frequency to transmit power to receivers at distances ranging as far as 30 feet, as a result this charging technique delivers less efficiency compared to other techniques. Currently, Magnetic Inductance Charging technique holds more than 95% share of the wireless charging market.
Transmitter and receiver are the core parts in wireless charging technique. In general these parts were manufactured by different manufacturers with different manufacturing standards which results in lack of compatibility between core parts. So, to attain rapport between transmitter and receiver two organizations, namely: Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), Power Matters Alliance (PMA) + Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) are currently engaged in developing harmonized standards for wireless charging.
The report analyzes the entire wireless charging equipment market on the basis of major geographic segments, range they serve and end user applications. Americas, Europe, APAC and RoW are the geographic segments covered in this report. This is subsequently followed by market segmentation based on applications, namely: automobiles, consumer electronics, industrial and others. Apart from this, this report also looks into whole value chain, pricing analysis and major company’s analysis of this market. This report also covers the major drivers, constraints and challenges facing by this market.
The wireless charging equipment market has many players; however this industry is dominated by few. The key players in this market are Qualcomm Incorporated, Powermat Technologies Ltd., Texas instruments Inc., PowerbyProxi, Murata manufacturing Co., Ltd, WiTricity Corporation and many others.


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