Vitamin China E-News 1509

Date: 2015-10

“On 1 Sept., 2015, the newly revised Advertising Law was implemented. There are now more specific requirements and criteria for advertising, and punishments are heavier than ever. The newly revised Advertising law is likely to change the development conditions of advertising in many industries, especially the drugs and health-care industries.
On 1 Oct., 2015, the newly revised Food Safety Law will be officially put into implementation, in which China is intensifying supervision and regulation on health-care products. This is intended to regulate the disorder of the current health-care food market in China and will contribute to the healthy development of health-care food industry.
Since Feb. 2015, the market price of VD3 stabilized in China, mainly fueled by cost growth coexisted with decreasing demand from domestic market and intensified competition from new products. It’s estimated that VD3 price will drop in Q4.
In H1 2015, leading domestic VC enterprises performed unsatisfactorily and recorded losses in VC business, due to sluggish market.
Tianxin Pharmaceutical disclosed to prolong idling period due to environmental issue, leading to supply tension of VB1 and VB6. As a result, the products prices keep increasing.
In H1 2015, a fall in VA price and a rise in distribution expense dampened Kingdomway’s performance. However, its gross profit margin was higher than competitors.
In the first seven months of 2015, driven by increased demand from the US and Europe, Chinese VB1 2’s exports recorded a sharp growth, further propelling domestic market price up.
From Jan. to July 2015, the export value of China’s VB5 fell significantly, due to declines in both export volume and export price of VB5.
Market prices of vitamins in China, September 2015
Since mid-Aug. 2015, the market price of VB9 demonstrated a sharp fall, because manufacturers resumed supply. It’s estimated that VB9 price will be on the decrease, along with increasing number of new entrants.
In Sept. 2015, VE price witnessed a slight growth, along with main manufacturers raising price. It’s estimated that VE price will maintain stable in Q4.”


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