Unozawa-gumi Iron Works, Limited (Unozawa-gumi) is A Designer and Manufacturer of Pumps and Blowers

Date: 2015-09-22

Unozawa-gumi Iron Works, Limited (Unozawa-gumi) is a designer and manufacturer of pumps and blowers. The company’s products portfolio includes dry vacuum pumps, rotary blower, rotary vacuum pumps, mechanical booster, water ring vacuum pump, and de aerator. It offers rotary blowers in ARJ and ARK series; dry vacuum pumps in KTS, TS, TRV, and TRM series; and water ring vacuum pumps in SRH series. Unozawa-gumi caters to semiconductor manufacturing, food, fine chemicals, and other general chemical industries. The company exports its products to various companies across the US, European, and Asian countries. Unozawa-gumi is headquartered in Ohta-ku, Japan.


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