Tube Packaging Market

Date: 2016-05

A tube is a hollow and cylindrical container used to store thick liquids like ointment, adhesive, caulking and toothpaste, called as tube. It is made up of different kind of materials like plastic, aluminum or paperboard, etc. Tubes are widely used in packaging application. Tube packaging is used in different industries such as printing, labeling, punching, slicing, etc. Tube packaging has its applications in Cosmetics and oral care, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical and personal care.

The Tube Packaging Market is mainly driven by the rise in demand for cosmetics and personal care products. Increase in population also drives the market globally. Food and Beverages is alone a key driver for the Tube Packaging Market. Cosmetics & oral care application segment is expected to observer enormous growth in the next few year in tube packaging followed by Pharmaceutical. Key material market for tube packaging includes laminated tubes, aluminum tubes, plastic tubes and other tubes. Increase in competition, aggressive pricing, rising consumer spending, excellent barrier properties in tubes and sustainable packaging are driving the market.

The global market for tube packaging market was estimated to be $XX billion in 2015. The global market for tube packaging market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of XX% and is forecast to reach $XX billion by 2021. The tube packaging market is forecast to have the highest growth of XX% during the forecast period 2016-2021. Europe and Americas together are estimated to occupy a share of more than XX% in 2015.

Europe is the leading market for tube packaging market due to the increase in competition followed by Americas. APAC region is forecast to have highest growth in the next few years due to increase in middle class population and sustainable packaging. Europe accounts to XX% of the global market for tube packaging market in 2015 and APAC is the fastest growing market followed by Europe.

Tube Packaging in Industry Food and Beverage

The food and beverage markets represent the largest consumption group for packaging materials and machinery. From soup to nuts and water to booze, food and beverage products demand quite a bit from their protective vessels. Whether the package is rigid or flexible, it must deliver the freshest and safest product to its consumer鈥攁nywhere in the world. Once within reach, the bottles, pouches or cups must capture the attention of potential buyers with an appealing design. If purchased, the packaging must perform as expected (or better!) or else you can kiss away the chance of a future sale from today鈥檚 critical consumers.

Demand continues for ready-to-eat and on-the-go foods and drinks. With increase in the consumption of food increase and relatively the tube packaging for the food and beverage products also increases at a considerable rate. Food and Beverage is the major application for the tube packaging market.


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