The Second Generation Genetic Sequencing Technology—-The Pioneer Of Precision Medical Treatment

Date: 2015-11-11

The second generation genetic sequencing technology, also known as high throughput genetic sequencing technology, which can complete 100 thousands to 1 million DNA molecules sequencing measurement, is a revolutionary change to the conventional genetic sequencing technology. It has been developed for several decades; the second generation genetic sequencing technology has come to clinical application from a small realm of scientific research, applications in prenatal screening, tumor detection, genetic disease screening and pre-implantation screening, and other fields. According to BBC research date showed, the global genetic sequencing market size was 8 $million, but in 2013 it reached 4.5 $billion which was a huge leap, broadly estimated the global genetic sequencing would hit 11.7 $billion by 2018 from 2013 with a compound average growth rate of 21.3%, stay fast growing through the global market in next few years.
The second generation genetic sequencing technology was a technical revolution, which was considered as one of 12 most disruptive technologies that determine future economy. In the type of applications, it can be categorized as cancer research, genetic screening, infectious disease research, drug and biomarker discovery, molecular epidemiology, agriculture and so on.
The second generation genetic sequencing industrial chain consist of upstream equipments companies, consumables suppliers, and midstream of service provider of genetic sequencing, the downstream bioinformatic analysis companies, and the consumers.
The global genetic sequencing market share in 2014

Source: BBC Research, 9Dimen Research Center, OCT. 2015.

In the clinical application of second generation genetic sequencing, currently only the NIPT realized high throughput genetic sequencing commercialization, in the future, beside the prenatal screening, and the field of reproduction, the cancer and cardiovascular disease etc which have complicate pathogenesis would attribute the large growth space to high throughput genetic sequencing industry.


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