The global demand for MSRs in the replacement market is expected to increase from 62 units in 2011 to 144 units by the end of 2018 and 48 units by the end of 2020.

Date: 2015-05-18

The report covers the global nuclear power industry鈥檚 development, its growth trajectory and the demand for moisture separator reheater equipment in the global nuclear market. It provides comprehensive information on the size of the markets for Moisture Separator Reheaters used in nuclear power generation facilities worldwide. Demand and market value forecasts for moisture separator reheater units used in commercial nuclear power facilities across the world are also examined in the report.

This report is compiled using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by GlobalData鈥檚 team of industry experts.

Moisture Separator Reheaters are Used to Improve the Thermodynamic Efficiency of the Nuclear Power Reactor System

Moisture Separator Reheaters (MSRs) are used in nuclear power generation facilities to separate moisture from steam and then reheat it before it is supplied to the low pressure turbines. In a nuclear power plant the steam exiting the high pressure steam turbine is entrained with moisture and the temperature is close to boiling point. The admission of steam into the low pressure steam turbine would reduce cycle efficiency and cause damage to the turbine. The removal of moisture from the steam and its subsequent heating in MSRs improves cycle efficiency and protects the low pressure steam turbine from damage. Normally, they are placed between the high pressure and low pressure turbines in the turbine generator system. 

Global Nuclear Industry Expansion to Drive the Long Term Growth of the Moisture Separator Reheaters Industry

Despite increased concerns about the safety of nuclear power, the growing demand for electricity, new emission abatement targets and soaring coal prices have led to the resurgence of nuclear power. The Fukushima nuclear disaster has set a negative trend for the social acceptance of nuclear power in some countries, such as Germany, which announced a complete phase out of its nuclear generation capacity by 2022. The Swiss cabinet ministry also called for the decommissioning of its five nuclear reactors and intends to replace them with new energy sources. However, other countries have drawn experience from the accident in Japan, realizing the need to improve the design, construction, operation and maintenance of existing and future nuclear plants to avoid any form of radiation leakage. The increased demand for power has meant that countries have had to turn their focus to nuclear power to bridge the supply-demand gap without compromising their commitments to carbon emissions reduction. The expanding nuclear industry is set to drive the MSRs market in the long term.

There are approximately 66 new nuclear reactors under construction that are scheduled to begin commercial operations during 2011-2020. There are approximately 65 new nuclear reactors that are reasonably firmly planned. This is indicative of the increasing demand for MSRs globally due to the installation of new reactors. Moreover, there are over 199 existing reactors whose MSRs will reach the end of their 25-40 year lifespan during 2011-2020, leading to significant demand for MSR replacement. The demand for replacement MSRs is estimated to be approximately 458 units. The increasing power up rate programs and plant life extension programs will also stimulate the demand for MSRs. 

Global Moisture Separator Reheaters Market set to Pace Up During the Forecast Period 2011-2020 

Demand from the new and existing operational nuclear power stations is set to drive the MSRs market in the long term. The estimated global consolidated demand for MSRs will be from both the replacement and new installation markets. The replacement market is going to be a major contributor. The global demand for MSRs in the replacement market is expected to increase from 62 units in 2011 to 144 units by the end of 2018 and 48 units by the end of 2020. The market value generated by MSRs in the replacement market is expected to reach $417.13m by the end of 2020 from $148.60m in 2011.

Europe and Asia Pacific are Potential Markets for the Nuclear Moisture Separator Reheaters Industry

GlobalData estimates that Europe will show the highest demand for MSRs globally during the period 2011-2020. The demand for MSRs in Europe is expected to reach 508 units. The Asia-Pacific region and North America will have respective demand figures of 228 units and 176 units during 2011-2020.”


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