Sugar Alcohol Price in China

Date: 2015-05

“Sugar alcohols are deep processed products widely used in pharmacy and food industries. Sharing some similarfeatureswith sugar and havinggood thermo stability, sugar alcohol products are more and more popular in food and health care products industry.In China, there are five major types of sugar alcohols: sorbitol, mannitol, erythritol, xylitol and maltitol.

With the rapid development of China鈥檚pharmacy and food industries, especially VC and sugar-free chewing gum industries, the demand for sugar alcoholsin the domestic market has been growing fast, driving up market prices of sugar alcohols over the past 10 years.Then in 2012-2013,domestic market prices of sugar alcohols tended to be stable overall; additionally, market prices of some products even declined due to the oversupply and the weakdemand.

To clearly describe the pricesof sugar alcohols in China in 2013 and give readers some constructive opinions, CCM has obtained lots of information with diverse methods.This reportpresents detailedsituation of sugar alcohol prices and forecast of their trends in 2014.

How was the price change of sugar alcohols by month in China in 2013? And what factors influence the price trends of sugar alcohols? What are the opportunities in China鈥檚 sugar alcohol industry?

In this report, the prices of sugar alcoholsare analyzed exhaustively in the following aspects:

Overview of sugar alcohol industry in China
Price of sugar alcohols in China in 2013 (by month)
Price trend
Price analysis
Influencing factors
Price forecast (2014)


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