Sudden Surge in the Internet Home Users and Business Users Have Unfolded a New Level of Bandwidth Requirement

Date: 2015-08-17

“The widespread technological developments such as 100G bandwidth technology, beyond 100G bandwidth technology, and Coherent core networks are driving the adoption of Optical Transport Network (OTN). The sudden surge in the internet home users and business users have unfolded a new level of bandwidth requirement over the network world. There has been a significant adoption of Optical Transport Network (OTN) among residential customers because of the increased use of online gaming, social media, video chatting, and many other real time streaming events. The fact that OTN offers seamless data transmission and removes latency issues is a key reason for increased traction of this market. 

The vendors are rolling out OTN globally; relying on the huge advantages of this technology. OTN’s inherent flexibility is enabled by its ability to extend transparency to the timing plane which is a very important differentiating factor of OTN from SONET/SDH. The next opportunity in the networking world is the advanced form of OTN i.e. Next Generation OTN, which enables more efficient mapping of and support for data signals such as Ethernet and IP. This technology is expected to enhance the OTN deployment and offer solution to the converged transparent transport of TDM, packet and IP-based services.  

Further, a huge increase in bandwidth requirement has also been seen in the business customer demands specially form financial services and healthcare companies, and government organizations. In addition, due to the increasing load on the current networks it has become difficult for the vendors to deploy and manage their advanced systems. OTN is rapidly replacing SDH/SONET globally because it easily overcomes the issues in the present Synchronous Optical Network (SONET)/ Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) networks such as latency, bandwidth limitation, robust management, transparent client signals, better scalability, and global acceptance as a standard.

This report spans the overall structure of the optical transport network market and provides premium insights that can help software vendors, network operators, telecom service providers, equipment manufacturers, third-party providers, and managed service providers to identify the need of large and small organizations (end users) along with exhibiting the gaps for telecom services provider, and network operators. The report analyzes the growth rate and penetration of optical transport network across all the major regions.


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