South American Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) Market is Estimated to Register A CAGR of 8.5%

Date: 2015-07-20

“The South American Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) market is estimated to register a CAGR of 8.5% during the forecast period. Earlier, SWIR detectors were mainly produced for military and defense markets; however, this technology is now used in various commercial applications as well, such as temperature measurement, fire & gas detection, biomedical imaging, spectroscopy, semiconductor/ wafer inspection, and motion detection. 

Based on the material by which they are formed, the SWIR market is segmented into indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs), mercury cadmium telluride, lead sulfide, and indium antimonide. All these materials can operate in the spectral range of SWIR (0.9 µm to 3 µm) with great efficiency. Mercury cadmium telluride is a direct bandgap semiconductor, which is used for the production of low cost and large area IR FPAs. Indium antimonide is a narrow band-gap semiconductor material, which is utilized as a part of infrared detectors, including warm imaging cameras, as they can detect the presence of IR radiation by its photoconductive properties. Lead sulfide is one of the most established and readily available component materials in various infrared sensors, which is utilized to measure radiation. The high dielectric constant of lead sulfide makes it a less reliable sensor compared to other emerging technologies.

The South American SWIR market was dominated by Brazil, which accounted for the highest market share, followed by Argentina. The South American SWIR market is steadily progressing due to a continuous reduction in the price of SWIR detectors and an increasinge in the usage of these detectors in fast-growing applications, such as medical imaging and vision enhancement. SWIR is one of the largest segments utilized in the sSemiconductor industry, accounteding for the largest share of 41% of the SA SWIR market among all application industriesmarket share.

The South American SWIR market is competitive. Various companies, such as DRS Technologies (U.S.), FLIR Systems (U.S.), Sensors Unlimited (U.S.), Excelitas Technologies (U.S.), and ULIS (France), are continuously strategizing to accelerate their cutting edge technological capabilities, R&D capabilities, and innovation to strengthen their competitiveness in the global market. This is successfully achieved with the assistance of numerous market strategies adopted by these companies, includingfocusing on new product development, alliances, and acquisitions to expand their presence, portfolio, and market share. Apart from these companies, companies including Vigo Systems (Poland), Sensors Unlimited (U.S.), Opto Engineering (Italy), and Raptor photonics Ltd. (Ireland) are also expected to strengthen their market position through product approvals, alliances, and agreements.

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