Sound Sensors Market: By Application (Telecom Sector, Medical Sector, Automotive Industry); By Type (Hydrophone, Microphone) and By Geography – Forecast (2015-2020)

Date: 2016-01

“Sensors are the device which sense the changes in some characteristics of its environment and convert it into measurable response. Sensors are used for a system to react or operate as per the changes in the environment. For example, excess smoke in a room or building will be sensed and alarm sound indicates the danger; sprinklers start in case of fire. Different types of sensors are available for different physical conditions.

Sound is sensed as per the change in air pressure. Sound sensors are basically the microphones which sense sound and convert it into measurable form using different techniques. This report broadly segments sound sensors into microphones and hydrophones as their types. It also gives detail analysis of the market of sound sensors used for different applications as Telecom, Defense, Medical Sector, Industrial Sector and other such major industries. Knowing the market share and growth rate in different regions one can also understand the developed and developing areas for this particular market.

The key players in the market of sound sensors are:
GE Measurement & Control Solutions,
Siemens AG,
Cetacean Research Technology,
Blatek Inc. and more.
The submarine communication system, oceanographic survey system, marine life research, defense application drive the market of hydrophones particularly. They are also used for general purpose as whale watching, kayaking and more. In addition, the microphones have vital importance in applications as medical speech recognition, medical imaging, various musical instruments and more.”


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