Solid State (Smart) Transformer Market by Product (Power, traction, & Distribution), Application (Alternative power generation, Electric vehicle charging stations, & others), & Geography (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, & RoW) – Forecast to 2020

Date: 2015-07

“A solid state transformer is a multistage device which typically comprises input stage, high-frequency transformer, and output stage. The output stage can be configured as per the need and verities of loads; therefore, it provides the output in either form of current (AC and DC). This feature eliminates the need of additional AC to DC converter and thus reduces the cost of the system. Though the cost of a solid state transformer is higher than their rational counterpart, it is expected that the deployment of a solid state transformer in an electricity distribution network would increase the overall system efficiency by 8%–10%. Many companies and research institutions have invested in development and testing of solid state transformers for various applications. For example, in 2011, ABB Ltd. (Switzerland) has a solid state transformer for the traction locomotives application, named as power electronics traction transformer (PETT). However, it is expected that a solid state transformer would be commercialized by 2017.

• Analysis of the solid state (smart) transformer market which has been segmented based on product, application, component, and geography.
• The analysis of the market dynamics based on factors such as key drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges that influence the growth of the market along with, the value chain analysis of the market.
• Detailed competitive landscape of the key players with an in-depth market share analysis, along with their growth strategies.
• The Porter’s Five Forces framework has been applied for the analysis of the solid state transformer market. Illustrative analysis, segmentation, and forecast of the market in the major geographies have been done to provide an overall view of the market.
• Detailed profiles of the key companies present in the solid state transformer market, along with their growth strategies.

The global market for solid state (smart) transformer is expected to grow at a CAGR of 24.72% from 2017 to 2020. Europe is expected to continue to lead the market and is the hub for several transformer manufacturing and energy management companies which are anticipated to venture in this market. Moreover, the solid state transformer market in the North American and Asia-Pacific regions is also expected to gain a significant traction during the forecast period. The growth of renewable energy installation capacity and increasing installation of electric vehicle charging points, especially in the U.S. Japan, and China, is expected to accelerate the solid state transformer market in the said regions.
This solid state transformer market report includes the detailed analysis of market dynamics, Porter’s Five Forces model, value chain, competitive landscape, and market scenario for the forecast period. The market has been segmented and forecast based on product, application, and geography. The report profiles the key players in the solid state transformer market with their respective market share analysis. The prominent players profiled in this report include ABB Ltd. (Switzerland), General Electric Co. (U.S.), Alstom SA (France), Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Japan), Siemens AG (Germany), Schneider Electric SE (France), Cooper Power Systems (Brazil), Varentec, Inc., (U.S.) Amantys Limited (U.K.), and GridBridge (U.S.).


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