Solenoid Valves Market Analysis: By Types (Two port, Three-way, Four-way, Direct Acting, Pilot operated); By Industry (Water Treatment, Power, Pulp & Paper, Food & Beverage, Chemical) – With Forecast (2015 – 2020)

Date: 2016-01

“Solenoid Valves are one of the vital components in flow control processes. They are used to control and modulate the flow of liquids and gases. They are critical components in almost all industries; being used in simple applications such as distribution of water to households and industries to complex applications such as drilling and extraction of oil & gas, chemical treatment, power generation and so on. They facilitate in optimizing efficiency, and they are often the final control element in the operation of various equipment.

The revenue generated by solenoid valve market in 2014 was reported to be $4.05 billion growing with compound annual growth rate of 3.8% through 2015 to 2020.
The solenoid valve market for the report has been segmented by different method of operation which includes direct acting & pilot operated solenoid valve. Also, based on the various types available in the market solenoid valves is segmented into two-port, three-way as well as four-way solenoid valves.
The applications for solenoid valves have been broadly classified based on industries which use these valves. The major application industries includes O&G, Power generation, Chemical, Food & Beverage, Aerospace and Automobile amongst others.
The factors which affect the prices of solenoid valves are the size of the equipment, the level of customization of the equipment and the application in which the equipment is used. For instance, a solenoid valve of port size 1/2 inches used in water distribution application would cost relatively lesser than a 4 inch solenoid valve in same industry but rather critical application such as in water treatment.
The overall market is also presented from the perspective of different geographic regions and the key countries for this industry. Competitive landscape for each of the product types is highlighted and market players are profiled with attributes of company overview, financial overview, business strategies, product portfolio and recent developments. Market shares of the key players for 2014 are provided. The prominent players profiled in this report are Emerson Electric Co., Parker Hannifin Corporation, Danfoss Industries Ltd, Curtiss Wright Corporation and Norgen Industrial Co. amongst others.


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