Smart Textile Market

Date: 2016-05

While electronic gadgets around us are becoming smarter day by day, textiles have also jumped onto the smart bandwagon with the advent of smart textiles. Smart textile basicall comprises electronic components embedded in fabric. An electronic circuit is woven into the fabric and can be worn without any problems. These components have the ability to monitor different parameters and transmit this data to other devices for further interpertation. Sensors can aid in monitoring temperature, heart rate and several other vital parameters. The growth of this market is majorly dependent on technological advancements in electronics that are furthering miniaturization and bringing down overall costs. Nanotechnology is one such area that is aiding in the growth of the smart textile market.

The price and lack of standards is currently inhibiting the growth of this market. However, with the amount of research and development currently underway, coupled with the formation of several consortiums, this problem is expected to be addressed in the near future. The global market for smart textiles is expected to cross $4 billion by the end of the forecast period considered in this report at an estimated growth rate of 31%.

Smart Textile Market

The Smart Textile market can be segmented on the basis of type

Thermoelectric, Sensing, Energy Harvesting, Luminescent and Others

Smart textiles are extremely useful for applications such as sports and fitness and medical applications. They can be used to monitor vital statistics of the person wearing clothes made from smart textiles. In hospitals, instead of connecting various wires and probes to patients, this can simply be embedded in the hospital gowns. Smart textiles have also penetrated a critial application, military. Smart textiles are used to transmit a lot of critical information when worn by soldiers either during combat or otherwise as well.

In terms of applications, the Smart Textile market has been segmented across the following

Fashion, Military, Medical, Sports and Fitness, Automotive and Others

The market has been segmented based on the following geographies

North America, South America, APAC, Europe, Middle East and Africa

The need to make textiles smart requires a collaboration of textile manufacturers and technology providers. Hence the major players in the smart textile market comprises a mix of such companies and following are just a few of the companies that are operating in the smart textiles market.

Textronics, Gentherm, Google, Texas Instruments, Milliken & Company


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