Slewing Bearings Market Analysis- By Gear Types (Ungeared, External Gear, Internal Gear); By Construction (Single-row Four Point Contact Ball, Cross roller, Double roller); By Applications (Excavation, Medical, Turbines) with Forecast (2015 – 2020)

Date: 2016-01

“Slewing Bearing is a rotational bearing component which usually is used in machines which requires heavy and bulky load handling. These bearings help in developing to and fro movements as well as rotational movements. Basically these are the machine elements, that work based on axial and radial forces which results in tilting moments. Slewing bearing arrangement provides several performance and design benefits over traditional bearings. Earlier slewing bearings were designed only to support horizontal arrangements, but now they are also used in vertical bearing structures.

Slewing bearings is a market which is critical in almost all industries, from simple applications such as to facilitate the movement of winches to complex applications such as in drilling and excavator machines, offshore cranes and so on. They are critical in optimizing efficiency, and they are often the control element in the operation of various equipment.The global market for Slewing Bearings is fragmented and is estimated to be around $2.85 billion in 2014. It is characterized by large number of small and medium manufacturers with few large scale manufacturers.

The driving factors for the market are the developing end use industries such as:
Solar Energy
Wind Energy
Healthcare and so on.
Increasing number of manufacturers across the world is driving the sales and overall market growth.

Slewing Bearings find their application in wide range of applications across industries:
In Access Platforms
Bottling machines
Wind Turbines & heliostats
Robotic equipment
In Mining
Water Treatment
Material handling equipment and so on.
The market is characterized by large number of players which have limited distribution and supply channels. However they possess strong foothold in regional and local markets due to the easy of shipping, prompt production cycles and lower costs. Although the market is quite fragmented, few global companies account for significant share in the overall market due to the loyal customer base and brand reputation.

The top companies in the market:
ThyssenKrupp Group
IMO Group
SKF Group
These three companies account for more than 40% market share. These companies are looking to increase their revenue through new product launches and effective partnerships with the local and regional distribution channels.”


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