Safety Sensors And Switches Market By Types (Thru Beam Sensors, Light Grid, Safety Light Curtains, Others) Safety Switches (Inductive Switches, Position Switches, Others) Command Devices (Enabling Switches, Push Buttons, Others) Forecast (2013-2018)

Date: 2016-01

“Safety Sensors is a general term attributed to the sensors used for detection of distance, absence or presence of any object in a restricted zone during physical operations. The Safety Sensors are also denoted as Photo Electric/Opto-Electronic Sensors as they are based on the photoelectric principle of using electromagnetic waves viz, electric, magnetic and light. The safety sensors are present either in the form of sensors, switches or buttons.

Safety Sensors Normally Works on three functional principles:
Opposed (through beam)
Retro-Reflective or
Proximity Detection
The wave emitted from emitting unit either gets interfered as in case of through beam principle or gets back reflected after striking the obstacle in retro-reflective or change in intensity according to proximity detection.

The emitted wave after interacting with obstacle is detected by receiving unit which is further processed by a control unit to control actuators. Similarly safety switches either come in contact with the object or there is change in wave intensity emitted from switch while interfering with the object. Apart from this there are various commanding devices like pull switches or pushbuttons to stop the operation in case of emergency.

The Above mentioned sensors are common in production and processing industries like:
Chemical Processing
Food & Beverage Processing
Machine & Tools
Oil & Gas
Material handling
Semiconductors etc.
The Global Safety Sensors & Switches Market revenue is estimated to increase to around 3.3bn in 2020, growing at around 3.1% year over year.

Almost all automation and sensor based product providers have a key presence in Safety Sensors also.

Major Global Leader Includes:
K.A. Schmersal Gmbh & Co. KG
Omron Corp.
Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH
Rockwell Automation and others.”


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