Refrigerated Transport Market by Commodity Type (Chilled & Frozen), Mode of Transportation (Road Sea, Rail, Air), Vehicle Type (LCV, MHCV, HCV), Technology (Vapour Compression Systems & Cryogenic systems), & by Region – Global Forecast to 2020

Date: 2015-11

“The demand for refrigerated vehicles is witnessing a rise, owing to developing cold chain operations, rising per capita income, and changing food consumption patterns in countries such as China and India. OEMs in regions such as Europe and North America are adapting to stringent efficiency and food safety norms. Manufacturers are working with refrigeration unit suppliers to reduce the impact of refrigerated transport on environment by using efficient refrigerants and better insulation. Future developments are also concentrating on further reducing this impact through use of cryogenic refrigeration and lowering the operating costs for the end users. The market is being driven by improving economic outlook in developed and developing nations, leading to business establishments, which require cold chain transport. Fleet operators are also expanding their fleets owing to the rise in demand for freight transportation.
Food products such as fresh fruits & vegetables, bakery & confectioneries, dairy & frozen desserts, and meat, fish & seafood are highly perishable. These food items need to be placed in specific conditions to prevent them from spoilage, so that their quality is maintained, shelf life is prolonged, and they can be delivered to end consumers in the best possible quality. Optimal temperature settings must be maintained throughout the complete cold chain to preserve the product’s quality. For ensuring the freshness of these food products, an uninterrupted cold chain network is required at all stages of storage, transportation, and distribution.
This report segments the refrigerated transport market based on perishable food type (Chilled & Frozen), refrigerated vehicle type (vans, trucks, trailers & containers), road transportation technology (air blown evaporators & eutectic devices), road transportation mode (single & multi temperature), and by region (Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, and RoW).
The refrigerated vehicle market size, in terms of value, is projected to reach USD 14.1 billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 6.27% from 2015. The largest refrigerated vehicle producing market, North America, is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.15% during the study period.
This report classifies and defines the refrigerated transport market. It also provides qualitative insights about the refrigerated transport. It provides analyses of the drivers, restraints, opportunities, challenges, and the key issues in the refrigerated transport market. The key players in the market have also been identified and profiled.
The global refrigerated transport market is analyzed in terms of volume (‘000 tons), (‘000 units), and value (USD million) for the mentioned segments.
This report focuses on the refrigerated transport market, which is segmented based on by perishable food type (chilled & frozen), by refrigerated vehicle type (vans, trucks, trailers & containers), by road transportation technology (air blown evaporators & eutectic devices), by road transportation mode (single & multi temperature) and by region, projecting the size and analyzing the trends in each of the following sub-markets.
Refrigerated transport market, on the basis of perishable commodities, has been segmented as follows:
Chilled Products
• Milk
• Bakery & confectionery products
• Dairy products
• Beverages
• Controlled Atmosphere Condition Product
 Baby Corn
 Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
Frozen Products
• Ice cream
• Frozen dairy products
• Meat-Processed
• Fish & Sea Food
• Bakery Products
Refrigerated vehicle market, by mode, has been segmented as follows:
• Road
• Sea
 Reefer Containers
Refrigerated vehicle market, by technology, has been segmented as follows:
• Vapor Compression Systems
• Cryogenic Systems
Refrigerated transport market, on the basis of key regions, has been segmented as follows:
• North America
• Europe
• Asia-Pacific
• RoW


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