PharmaSphere: North American Market Access Strategy

Date: 2015-07

“PharmaSphere: North American Market Access Strategy


GlobalData’s “”PharmaSphere: North American Market Access Strategy”” report provides a strategic analysis of the pharmaceutical market landscape in this geographic region, and the impact of the current and emerging market access strategies that the pharmaceutical industry is using for its for new and existing drugs. It discusses the regulatory requirements for pharmaceutical products in North American, key health insurance trends, recent government healthcare reforms, and general industry trends. It also describes the macroeconomic factors that impact the commercialization of new pharmaceutical products. Furthermore, it includes a geographic segmentation of the various markets in North America, including the US, Canada, and Mexico, providing an in-depth analysis of these markets’ regulatory frameworks, healthcare systems, health insurance markets, key domestic players, and strategic outlook.


Key Questions Answered

– What are the main factors influencing market access in North America?
– How do demographic trends impact market access in Canada and Mexico?
– What are the important elements of the healthcare systems in the US, Canada, and Mexico?
– How important is health technology assessment (HTA)? What are the key processes leading up to a successful HTA in North America?
– What are the different pricing and reimbursement procedures adopted by regulators in North America?
– How has recent healthcare reform legislation changed market access considerations from the perspective of regulators and pharmaceutical companies?
– How have cost-containment pressures impacted the commercialization of new pharmaceutical products?

Reasons to buy

– Identify the key decision makers in various countries in the North American region, including the US, Canada, and Mexico
– Understand the key causes, concerns, drivers, and trends that characterize the market access process
– Analyze the impact of recent healthcare reform legislation on market access procedures
– Identify the key factors in the market access process, such as pricing, reimbursement, co-payments, discounts, and pharma economic guidelines
– Understand the impact of macroeconomic factors, such as healthcare expenditures, foreign direct investment (FDI), and population demographics on the market access process”


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