Organic Corrosion Inhibitors Market: By Type (Benzotriazole, Amines, Phosphonates, Aldehydes and Others) By Application (Construction, Water Treatment, Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Power Generation, Chemical & Petrochemicals, Others)-Forecast(2015-2020)

Date: 2016-01

“Corrosion inhibition is the most effective way of protecting internal corrosion of metals which when an inhibitor is added in small concentrations provides temporary protection. Corrosion inhibitors act as additives to the fluids that surround the metal or related object and decrease the rate of metal oxidation. Organic corrosion inhibitor are carbon compounds used for surface adsorption, which is a film-forming but occasionally they act as both cathodic and anodic inhibitors. Surface adsorption process deals with the hydrophobic film adsorbed molecules on the metal surface that acts as a barrier to the dissolution of the metal in the electrolyte.Anodic corrosion inhibitors block the anode reaction and support the natural reaction of metal surface by forming a film adsorbed on the metal. The cathodic corrosion inhibitors prevent the occurrence of the cathodic reaction of the metal.

Global organic corrosion inhibitors market in this report has been segmented by different types like benzotriazole, amines, phosphonates, aldehydes and others. The global market is further segmented on the basis of different application areas such as metalworking, construction, water treatment, oil & gas, pulp & papers, power generation, chemical & petrochemicals and others. Each of these segments is further broken down to give an in-depth analysis of the market. The report also focuses on different geographic regions and the key countries in terms of changing trends in using organic corrosion inhibitors in various fields. Competitive landscape for each of the product types is highlighted and market players are profiled with attributes of company overview, financial overview, business strategies, product portfolio and recent developments. The study includes the demand of this particular market on a global and regional scale for a six-year period (2014-2020), both in terms of volume (kilo tons) and revenue ($ million).

This report gives detailed information about the product value chain right from the beginning which includes raw materials till end-use. The market is evaluated based on the key attributes such as the power in the hands of producers and consumers, analysis on the degree of competition, and threats from substitutes and new entrants.

The report also includes the overview of:
Angus Chemical Company,
Cortec Corporation,
AkzoNobel N.V. and many others.”


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