One of the Major Forces That are Driving the Mobile Middleware Market is the Increasing Number of Mobile Workforce

Date: 2015-08-18

“The availability of lightweight, portable computing devices and wireless technology has created new class of software called mobile middleware. This software often run on scarce resource platform such as personal digital assistants, notebook and mobile phones, each of which has limited CPU power, memory and battery life. They usually connected to a wireless links, which are characterized   by lower bandwidths, higher error rates and more frequent disconnections.

One of the major forces that are driving the mobile middleware market is the increasing number of mobile workforce. The mobile middleware software is becoming an integrated component in most business organizations. It is currently an essential feature for customer鈥檚 experience on online mobile applications and also changes the way in which enterprises deals with partners and suppliers as well as empowers their workforce with access to information and services.  

The major restraints in this market is the wide variety of wireless network available, many of which have non-standard, complex wireless protocol. This is the major factors which is restricting the growth of mobile middleware market. Besides, there are a few challenges that are the variety of devices, which incorporate numerous mobile platforms, across which application must run and the disparity between of the LAN environment and the mobile environment which traditional protocols such TCP/IP do not address. 

There are various assumptions that have been taken into consideration for market sizing and forecasting exercise. Few of global assumptions include political, economic, social, technological and economic factors. For instance, exchange rates, one of the economic factors, are expected to have a moderate rating of impact on this market. Therefore, dollar fluctuations are not expected to seriously affect the forecasts in the emerging LA regions.


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