Oil-Field Biocides and Bio Based Solvents Market

Date: 2016-05

Oilfield Biocides and bio based solvents helps to improve biodegradability and also to lower down toxicity and meet their application requirements in oilfields where the operations go through different process which is affected by microorganism unwantedly. They are also used to lubricate the moving parts and help to pull out solids from bottom of wells and also prevent loss of fluids. They are also used to prevent loss of energy while processing. These are used with packer fluids also which prevents in collapsing and maintaining pressure between casing and tubing. Biocides play a vital role in construction field as it helps to maintain long term stability and compatibility and also maintain eco- friendly environment.

Biocides and Bio based solvents are widely used in Middle – east and America. Oxidising Biocides are mainly preferred by most of the countries.

The top 5 global Biocides and Bio – based companies currentlyare:
DOW Chemical Speciality Chemical Pvt Ltd.,
Akzo Nobel, N.V ,
Nelco Worldwide ,
SNF Floerger .
According to global market study only 3 % of biocides are used in Oil- field application and rest is contributed in other applications. Middle East and America have high revenue share as compared to others, especially for using biocides and bio based solvents in oilfields as of 2014. Although Europe and Rest of world share xx% of total revenue and less revenue is contributed by APAC followed by others.

Oil – Field Biocides is mainly used in liquid form. Non- Oxidizing organic biocides such as glutaraldehyde (glut), tetrakis-hydroxymethyl-phosphonium (THPS), formaldehyde and acrolein are commonly used by oilfield industries. Oxidizing organic biocides such as chlorine, chlorine dioxide, bromine, peracetic acid are less used as compare to non – organic biocides. Although Non- Organic biocides are mostly preferred by most of the stakeholders due to its easy availability in market as compare to oxidizing biocides. Hydraulic Fracturing is the key application for oilfield than the other applications.

Oil – Field Bio based solvents is mainly used in liquid form although it is available in solid and gaseous form also. Hydrocarbons such as Petroleum-based solvents, aromatics, alcohols, glycol, ketones, esters, ethers are the major type of bio – based solvents which are used in oil – fields for various application such as drilling, construction, work over, packer fluids, etc. Hydrocarbons are one of the major types which preferred in oilfield industry as compare to other types.

Biocides are mainly used in water treatment application i.e. 29%, then biocides plays 20% role in food and beverages. Personal care and wood preservatives applications contribute 15% and 13% of market share respectively. Oilfield contribute 3% share in market followed by others and main biocides applications for oilfield are stimulation fluids, drilling, work over, completion, cementing, production, and enhanced oil recovery chemicals where drilling chemicals is having one of the highest market shares among all other applications.


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