North America is the One Global Mining Region where Third Parties Have An Advantage

Date: 2015-09-02

“• OEMs dominate the market for strategic parts, with 55% of respondents reporting that they only use OEMs for such parts, while 43% use a mix of both OEM and third-party providers. The small remainder uses only third-party-providers.

• North America is the one global mining region where third parties have an advantage. Some 41% of underground respondents involve third-party providers for strategic parts, versus 31% for surface respondents.

• 66% of respondents prefer a ‘work with me’ structure, with regular interaction with equipment suppliers to provide them with support services. This is in comparison to those who prefer to completely outsource support (12%) and those preferring to conduct all work in-house (22%).

• ‘Maintenance only’ is the preferred service contract in North America, with almost half (44%) of respondents outlining their preference for this structure.”


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