North America Glycolic Acid Market Value was Approximately USD 44.8 Million In 2013

Date: 2015-08-11

Glycolic Acid (or hydroxyacetic acid) is the smallest 伪-hydroxy acid (AHA). Application of Glycolic Acid are Personal Care, Household Cleaning, Industrial and so on. The global market for glycolic acid is expected to reach USD 278 million by 2020. Glycolic acid can be used to produce skin and hair care and other personal care products, In recent years, Glycolic acid increase in demand in the personal care products market, year by year, and the demand is expected to rise further. As consumers’ disposable income increases, and public lifestyle changes, Glycolic acid in the personal care products market has become increasingly important. In 2013, Total consumption of personal care products Glycolic acid has more than 29,985 tons, It is also the largest market Glycolic acid consumption purposes. Moreover, Glycolic acid can also be used to produce polyglycolic acid, Polyglycolic acid is an important raw material of health care with absorbable sutures, and the recent health care standards have become more stringent, Polyglycolic acid demand will further increase, which led to the development of glycolic acid market.
North America as the world’s largest market of glycolic acid, in 2013 the market value was approximately USD 44.8 million, the fastest growth rate in Asia Pacific, 2014 – 2020 compound annual growth rate will reach 11.47% in the period, changing habits of consumers living in China and India promote the development of personal care products market, so, glycolic acid market in these areas also will be developed.

Figure: 2015-2020 Global Glycolic Acid Forecast Growth Trend

Glycolic Acid 

Source: 9Dimen Research Glycolic acid Research Center. Aug. 2015


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