Next Generation Communication Technologies Market: Wireless communication (Wimax 2.1, Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, 4G LTE, Others); Wired Communication (Twisted wire (Low Capacitance 2 & 3 pair), Optical cable, others) – Forecast (2015 – 2020)

Date: 2016-01

“Over the years, communication pattern has transited from traditional telephonic service to one-touch self-service with growing advancement in technology such as internet and supporting communication technologies. Advancing technologies such as IoT, Big Data, E-Commerce, Context Rich Systems, 3D Printing and many more will lead to rise in demand for innovative communication technologies. Major companies are focusing on eliminating communication gap, improving the quality, optimizing the multiplexed communication and improving user experience in order to meet these requirements; next generation communication technologies have a very big role to play in coming years.

In the 1990s, communication transited from telephone to email as Internet became a significant medium. In no time, industries and common people adapted to this form of communication. Increasing acceptance level to the advanced applications will upsurge the market for new communication systems in the next five years. Recent examples of advanced communication applications that utilize the rapidly spreading smartphones are Apple’s Siri, Google Now and Cortana, these applications will mandate for hi-tech communication systems. Some of the recent innovations are 4G LTE, Wireless Sensor Networks, Laser Communication Systems and Storage Area Network. 5G will be the next generation communication systems with reduced latency rate compared to LTE, which will be available for use by late 2020.

The next generation communication systems are segmented into wireless and wired communication systems. Wireless communication systems are further categorized into Wimax, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi; whereas, wired communication systems are segmented into twisted pair and optical fiber communications. This report covers the latest developments in these technologies and how they are impacting the communication systems market.

The next generation communication systems are further segmented by various end user industries, such as telecom, consumer electronics, health care and military services.

The key players in this market are:
AT&T (U.S.),
Verizon (U.S),
Netgear (U.S),
Hitachi Cable (Japan).
The next generation communication systems market size was worth $XX billion in 2014 which is estimated to reach $XX billion at a CAGR of XX% from 2015 to 2020.”


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