Next Generation Battery Market

Date: 2016-05

Lithium聳ion based batteries are considered as future or next generation batteries owing to its highly improved features over conventional lead acid batteries. Besides the advanced lead-acid batteries, molten salt batteries, and flow batteries are also considered as next generation batteries and are available commercially. Li-ion based batteries are further classified as Lithium Sulfur (Li-S), advanced Li-ion and Lithium Solid-State batteries. The report analyzes all above types of next generation batteries.

The report highlights quantitative and qualitative insights on the complete next generation battery market by applications. The major applications analyzed in the report are transportation, stationary energy storage and others. Lithium聳ions are widely used in transportation and accounts for highest share in the global market. Grid-tied stationary energy storage applications also have high demand for next generation batteries.

The report analyzes different driving and restraining factors which are currently impacting the next generation battery market and expected to impact at greater extent in coming years. The major challenges and opportunities in the market are also tracked and analyzed in the report. Challenges related to energy density, safety and cost are responsible for restraining the growth of market for short term. The R&D and innovations to meet the safety expectations of Li-ion batteries and reduction in the cost is expected to boost the growth of next generation batteries. The report also analyzes the entire value chain and supply chain of the next generation battery market and tracks the OEMs, suppliers and distributors in the market. The product benchmarking and pricing analysis of the next generation batteries also covered in the report.

Next Generation Battery Market

The geographic and application based opportunities are also analyzed in the report. The technology evolution trends are also analyzed in the report. The report gives detailed insights on the geographical analysis with coverage of North America, Europe, APAC, Middle-East, Africa, and Latin America. The country level analysis is also covered in the report with special focus on developing and developed nations.

The market entropy section of the report gives insights on major business development strategies adopted by the leading vendors of next generation batteries. The major strategies are new product launches and developments, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, collaborations, and agreements. In 2015, the two leading players in the next-generation battery market have acquired solid-state battery startups which have ignited the growth of next generation battery market. Bosch, the automotive supplier acquired a California based manufacturer of solid state batteries, Seeo; besides, Dyson, a electronics manufacturer acquired Sakti3 (Michigan) for $90 million.

The leading players profiled in the report are
Lockheed Martin
NOHMs Technologies
OXIS Energy
Sion Power
Solid Power


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