Monoglyceride Market expected to Reach 1.24 $Billion by 2020

Date: 2016-09-12

China is the largest Monoglyceride market around the world, which accounts for over 45% of market share, the China’s decelerated growth of economy may be an impact to the production of Monoglyceride, but the demand is still growing during the next five years. 

According to research, the global Monoglyceride market is projected to reach 1.24 $Billion by 2020 at a CAGR of 4.77% during the forecast period.

Monoglyceride is a type of glyceride molecule, also known as a lipid or fat. It can come from plant oils or animal fats, and it can also be manufactured synthetically. Monoglycerides are added to processed food to act as emulsifiers, which means they bind liquids that don’t blend easily, such as oil and vinegar. They can be found on the ingredient list of many processed sweets, including baked goods, gum, and ice cream, and labeled as simply monoglycerides or as monoacylglycerols.

A monoglyceride as a food additive is both an emulsifier and a binder, meaning that it helps to combine fatty liquids like oils with water-based liquids as well as prevent the two from separating. An example can be seen in peanut butter. Natural peanut butter, which is made using only peanuts and sometimes salt, separates as the oil rises to the top. Processed peanut butter has an even consistency thanks to the addition of these molecules.

Similarly, they can act as a thickener in baked goods. When added to bread, monoglycerides help to increase the mass, resulting in a larger loaf. They also affect the texture of baked goods, making them not denser but lighter, softer, and fluffier. In addition, they are an important component of chewing gum. Not only do they lend a softer texture to the gum base, but they are the ingredient that delays the loss of flavor from the gum, making it possible to chew longer.

The global Monoglyceride Market analyzed by regions as following: 


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