Power Semiconductors are an Emerging Market for the Global MOCVD Equipment market

Date: 2016-09-12

MOCVD is a chemical vapour deposition method used to produce single or polycrystalline thin films. It is a highly complex process for growing crystalline layers to create complex semiconductor multilayer structures. In contrast to molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) the growth of crystals is by chemical reaction and not physical deposition. This takes place not in a vacuum, but from the gas phase at moderate pressures (10 to 760 Torr). As such, this technique is preferred for the formation of devices incorporating thermodynamically metastable alloys, and it has become a major process in the manufacture of optoelectronics.

The Global MOCVD Equipment market will grow at a CAGR of 13.77% over the period 2015-2020

Among the drivers, the power semiconductors are an emerging market for the Global MOCVD Equipment market. In recent years, GaN has replaced the existing silicon technology in most of the power semiconductor applications due to its various properties such as wider band gap, high break-down voltage, larger critical electric field, and higher thermal conductivity. This has in turn increased the demand for GaN power semiconductors. To satisfy the demand for high performance electronic devices, semiconductor manufacturers are expected to increase the installation of GaN processing equipment such as MOCVD equipment. GaN-on-Silicon based power electronics developed on MOCVD equipment potentially deliver higher performance, higher efficiency, and switching speed.

However through research, found there is excess supply of light-emitting diodes, which may cause a drop growth over MOCVD.

Currently, the global MOCVD in power electronics is dominated by Veeco, Aixtron and Nippon Sanso Corp. 

Other prominent vendors included in this report are Agnitron Technology Inc., Alliance MOCVD, LLC, CVD Equipment Corporation, HC Semitek, PLANSEE, Wolfe Engineering, Xycarb Ceramics.

The market share by key regions as following:


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