Microelectronics Cleaning Equipment Market

Date: 2016-05

Microelectronics devices such as ICs, wafers, MEMS, and PCBs among many others require chemical cleaning process to maintain reliability and performance. Owing to which, the importance of microelectronics cleaning equipments is huge and ever increasing in the semiconductor and electronics industry. More and more microelectronics devices are required in different applications and the demand for cleaning of such devices is also expected to proliferate in coming years.

The report identifies the different equipments, cleaning chemicals and materials, and services. The major equipments covered in the report are single-wafer cryogenic systems, single-wafer spray systems, batch immersion cleaning systems, and batch spray cleaning systems. Besides, market insights for all the chemicals and materials used for the cleaning process are also included in the report. The report also includes the technological innovations of the microelectronics cleaning equipments and includes major technologies such as wet, dry, aqueous, cryogenic, and other emerging cleaning technologies. The report also covers the major impurities usually identified on the microelectronics devices. Some of such impurities are organic, dissolved organics, particle matter, bacteria, and metallic contaminations.

Microelectronics Cleaning Equipment Market

The report gives detailed regional perspective of the microelectronics cleaning equipments market by covering all the major regions such as North America, Europe, APAC, Latin America, and Middle-East & Africa. Furthermore, the report also gives country level insights on the market covering all the major developing and developed nations.

The report gives insights on major driving and restraining forces that are impacting the market. The opportunity analysis is also exhaustively covered in the report in terms of opportunities in different applications and geographies. The major demand and supply side factors affecting the complete value chain of the microelectronics cleaning equipments industry is also analyzed in the report. The industry value chain, pricing analysis of equipments and materials, product lifecycle analysis, and mapping of suppliers and end-users is also covered in the report.

The market entropy section of the report covers the major business development strategies adopted by the key vendors in the industry. The major competitive factors analyzed in the report are new product launches and developments, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, collaborations, and JVs, among others.

The leading players profiled in the report include:
Akrion Systems
Dainippon Screen


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