MEMS Market

Date: 2016-05

The global microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) market has witnessed steady growth in last 5 years; however it is expected to rebound with double digit growth for the next 5 years. Being a mature market and presence of dominant players in the industry, the MEMS technology is now penetrating into new markets. Owing to low prices compared to conventional sensors, MEMS technology has already gained momentum in terms of high volume shipment into new spurring technologies.
MEMS technology has already captured large section of the consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets, pico-projectors, TV, and laptops among others. Automotive sector is other major application market for MEMS technology which has seen huge adoption rate over last decade and is expected to continue to do so in coming years. Owing to its small form factor and cheaper price, consumer electronics and automotive industry has adopted MEMS technology with high pace. Similar growth trends are also anticipated in other newer technologies. Likewise, the integration of MEMS with Internet of things (IoT) is driving the demand for smart grids, asset-tracking systems, and building automation.

The report analyzes all the major products which are currently installed with MEMS sensors and also covers the expected applications in the near future. MEMS sensors such as pressure, temperature, position, optical, image, and thermal among others are exhaustively covered in the report. MEMS actuator also have huge market share in overall MEMS market due to the fact of the small form factor and finds its application, where size of the product is the major concern.
The application opportunities of MEMS technology is broadly classified in the report as industrial, consumer electronics, healthcare, automotive, aerospace & defense, and others. The market trends, growth opportunities, geographical analysis, strategic developments, and dynamics of MEMS technology is covered in the application chapter of the report.
The global MEMS market analysis based on different regions such as North America, Europe, APAC, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa is also covered exhaustively in the report. Along with this, the report also focuses on major developing and developed countries like the U.S., Canada, Germany, the U.K., France, India, Brazil, China, and Japan among others.
The market entropy section of the report focuses on the competitiveness of the key vendors in the MEMS market across the value chain. The competitiveness is measure based on the business development strategies such as new product launches and developments, mergers & acquisitions, partnerships, collaborations and others. The market share analysis of the leading players in the market is also covered in the report.

The major key player’s profiles that are analyzed in the report are
STMicroelectronics, and
Texas Instruments.


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