Medical Adhesives Market

Date: 2016-05

The adhesives used in the medical applications are one of the important segments in the chemical industry. Adhesives are the critical components in the design and manufacture of the majority of medical devices. Traditionally adhesives are two types such as sterile disposables and non-sterile reusables. Sterile disposables are devices such as syringes, catheter, and oxygenators which are directly contact with blood and body fluids. Because of such contact, the adhesive used in sterile devices must be tested by the manufacturer and must pass toxicity testing. Non sterile resuables are generally external devices that do not come into direct contact with patients. Generally adhesives are categorized as structural, Non-structural and Pressure sensitive. The right Adhesive should bond to the substrates and provides a strong bond for the application requirements.

The aging population and advancements in medical procedures will provide necessary impetus to the market growth of the medical adhesives in various areas including drug delivery systems, implants, and therapeutic devices. Additionally, increasing demand for labeling and packaging applications attributed to improved inventory management and low cost flexible packaging materials, respectively, are expected to increase the demand for medical adhesives.

The global market for medical adhesives is estimated to be $XX billion in 2015 and is forecast to grow at a CAGR of XX% to reach $XX billion by 2021. The acrylic medical adhesives segment is projected to grow rapidly in the coming five years. North America and Europe alone are estimated to occupy a share of more than XX% in 2015. North America is the leading market for medical adhesives with U.S. being the major contributor. In North America, dental and drug delivery systems are the major end users of medical adhesives.


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