Mechanical Explosion Proof Equipment Market Analysis: By Type (Couplings, Spark Arrestors, Actuators, Compressors, Solenoid Valves, Cable Glands); By Industry (Oil & Gas, Mining, Manufacturing, Marine, Pharmaceuticals) – With Forecast (2015-2020)

Date: 2016-01

“Explosion Proof refers to the electrical or non-electrical devices that are capable of prevent an imminent explosion or withstand explosions caused due to the release of explosive gases or storage of explosive materials. These explosions generally take place in the areas marked as “hazardous zones” inside the manufacturing plant.

The product is preferred in industries such as Mining, Nuclear, Defense and Chemical where combustible gases are emitted in the surrounding as byproduct of different type of processes. These Equipments play a key role in controlling and preventing explosions triggered by these combustible gases.

Non electrical equipments or mechanical devices are also potential source of explosion due to the sparks induced due to friction or the presence of scorching surfaces in hazardous zones. Manufacturing processes basically require heavy machineries that have a possibility of high degree of wear and tear. The roughened surfaces too are a source of spark and can lead to explosion.

Mechanical equipment such as pumps, conduits and other components form basic parts of other major equipment, and the use of explosion proof mechanical parts is of critical importance in hazardous areas and this explains the high demand for the use of ex-proof material for basic products such as bushes, couplings, cable glands. The overall market size is estimated to cross the $5bn mark in 2017 and continue to increase to $5.41bn in 2020.

The report aims to uncover the equipment and its components being used in the industries today at a broader level. The market has been segmented into four different geographies that include North America, South America and Africa.

The report also covers the thorough analysis of the ex-proof devices for numerous types of equipments such as Brakes, Compressors, Diffusors, Pumps and many more. The market provides an in-depth understanding of the market for ex-proof equipment in the non-electric segment.

This Report intends to provide a comprehensive competitive landscape for each of the product types and company profiles of the key market players with attributes of
Company Overview
Financial Overview
Business Strategies
Product Portfolio and
Recent Developments will also be provided.”


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