IP Video Tech Live-to-VOD: CDNs, Cloud Software Platforms and Services

Date: 2015-10

In 2015, live-to-VOD is an emerging, converging set of solutions and technologies designed to support all video publishing initiatives, more specifically the broadcast industry’s transition to an IP delivery model, built on the foundation of abundant compute capacities and open software architectures.

IP-based video consumption (across multiple screens, access points and devices) is increasing all over the world, including inside China.

IP video platforms, services and solutions (from ingest to monetization, transcoding, customized modules to integrated workflow) are poised to book $3 billion in 2015 spending, with large, integrated vendors (i.e. Brightcove, Kaltura, Ooyala and Piksel, among others) capturing 60.7% of the work.

These software and services segments (i.e. the enterprise, media players, discovery/recommendation/optimization engines, analytics, ad stitching/serving, processing/transcoding and end-to-end workflow) combined exhibit a 2007 – 2017 CAGR of 26.5%, according to a multi-disciplinary analysis by AccuStream Research.

This trade resource, IP Video Tech Live-to-VOD: CDNs, Cloud Software Platforms and Services, contains sector-specific, actionable knowledge (from company positioning to core tech modules, R & D, pricing, M & A valuations, global sell-in opportunities and business/billing models), as well as revenue performance and product strengths(by company, service and segment) through 2017.

CDNs, for their part, are betting that the next wave of video consumption growth will take place through connected televisions and set top boxes, collaborating with accounts about how best todeploytechnologies that address the video industry’s migration to IP.

Bandwidth provisioning, cloud storageand QOS guarantees (i.e. high quality, uninterrupted streams), real-time transcode, DRM, DDoS, network DVR, custom support modules and integration services offered at commercialized prices,CDNs (excluding AWS) are set to book $5.8 billion in topline revenue, an increase of 24% in 2015. Including AWS, the figure is $11.2 billion.

As account work requirements and pass-through volumes have increased, so has CDN MRR. Bandwidth fees are projected to remain a major component to MRR,however, account renewal discussions do not typically focus on pricing. With volume pricing rates already low, there is very little elasticity of demand now associated with incremental price declines, according to the research.

CDN and IP software vendors are delivering against the value proposition that integrated systems centralizing viewing experiences across all devices and screens results in performance and cost efficiencies.

And, vendors are positioning for linear and non-linear sell-in opportunities as the video industry integrates operations, and those conversations are taking place today.


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