Industrial Switching Hub and Access Point Market

Date: 2016-05

Switching hub also called as network switch is considered more advanced than the hub because of its ability to recognize the sender and receiver port unlike hub which broadcast the message to all the ports connected to it. Each device connected to the switch can be identified by using the Mac address, regulating the flow of traffic and hence maximizes the efficiency and security. The main key drivers to use switching hub are security, reliability and fast transfer of the data over network. Switching hub does not require other connected devices to have same bandwidth as of its own. The selection of the switch varies depending upon its functionality, form, technology used and management.

Ethernet switches are the more common type of network switches used in data centres and corporate networks. The data centres use high performance switches with the speed of 10Gbps. The models of the network switches differ depending upon the number of the devices connected on the network. There are mainly two types of switches managed and unmanaged. The managed switch can be configured and it can prioritize the LAN traffic so that the important information can be transferred first whereas the unmanaged switch cannot be configured.

The data centers and the network service providers are the key users of the switching hubs. The global data center rack market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 9- 13% during 2014 to 2020. The operations of these data center depend upon the technology, computers and networking. As more and more users are connected to the networks the problems related to speed in transferring and retrieving data will also increase as the bandwidth have to be divided among the users connected through various access points. So to resolve this problem data centers have to use the network switches which can connect each port directly, which will help to share the bandwidth among the users connected to the ports.


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