Industrial Robotics Market Analysis: By Type (Cartesian, 6-axis, Scara, Others); By Application (Welding, Palletizing, Packaging, Material Handling, Others); By Industry (Food and Beverages, Automotive, Electronics, Others) – Forecast (2015 – 2020)

Date: 2016-01

“Industrial Robots are a remarkable invention in the industrial sector that has changed the industrial automation processes. They are mainly used for material handling, welding, dispensing, processing, and assembly purposes. The key industrial robot which are applied across several industries are Cartesian, Scara, Articulated, Cylindrical, 6-axis and Linear.

Production and processing are the major applications of the industrial robotics. Moreover, the increasing investments in the automotive industry are a significant growth factor. During 2010-2013, the investments in the automotive industry grew 22% on an average per year. Apart from that the metal and machinery industry is also contributing to the industrial robotics consumption.

Industrial Robotics Market Report is a comprehensive study of the demand and supply trends of Industrial Robotics across four geographies: Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and RoW (Rest of the world). The market study is also presented by segmenting based on type, application, and end use industry.

APAC is the prominent market for industrial robotics and has recorded ~40% robotics sales in 2013. End use industries in APAC region are significantly investing in robotics to speed-up the production process and enhance productivity. The Japanese and Chinese markets are the major countries in terms of sales, owing to the increasing robot installations and have the highest number of robots in operation. Besides these, Germany, South Korea, Unites States also showcased good demand in 2014. Increasing robot manufacturing in China is estimated to boost the market value in the overall APAC market till 2021.

Key Drivers of the market are:
Increasing demand for high productivity and quality.
Hiking need for flexible automation.
Strengthening regulations for human safety in the critical work environment.
Key Companies in the Market are:
ABB Robotics Ltd.
KUKA Robotics AG
Kawasaki Robotics Inc.
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.
Denso Wave Inc.
The global industrial automation market is a key end user of the industrial robotics. Industrial and specifically factory automation is the use of different control systems, software and other technologies for automation of the factory. The day to day technological advancements are helping the manufacturing process and other such tasks perform a lot faster and cost effective. The use of these technologies increases productivity, quality, almost negates wastage, faster interaction with different departments within the company and other such perks.

The challenges for industrial automation are reduced security and high installation and maintenance costs. The biggest market for this industry exists in china which is the primary hub of global manufacturing industry. China for example accounts for more than 60% of Siemens control systems manufacturing. The need for automation is due to growing need for better quality products with increased production rates and also to reduce the labor costs.”


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