Industrial Gas Market

Date: 2016-05

Gases that are manufactured mainly for the use in industries are called industrial gases. Most of these gases are produced in bulk and are found in all three states of matter (solid, liquid, gas). Advent of many industries, such as construction and automobile, paved way to the industrial gas production. Depending on their chemical properties such as reactivity, inertness and other physical properties they find application in many of the industries. The increasing need for energy, oil and gas and fabrication in other industries serves as the main driver for the industry.

The segmentation of the gases has been done on the basis of Storage methods, Types and End-User Industry. Some of the common storage methods include compressed storage, liquid storage amongst others. Coming to the types of Industrial gases used in the metal fabrication purpose, the common ones are argon, acetylene, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, oxygen, helium and other specialty gases. The end user industry typically consists of food and beverages, chemicals and petroleum, fertilizers, mining, oil and gas, metal and metal working industries among others.

The geographical analysis of the market shows that U.S. in North America dominates the production while other continents like the Europe and APAC are close behind. Germany in Europe is expected to be the dominant country due to the increasing automobile industry which is directly dependent on the industrial gas production in many ways.

The Industrial gas market is dominated by five major companies namely:

Praxair Inc (U.S.)
Linde group (Germany)
Air Liquide SA (France)
Messer Group (Germany)
Airgas Inc( U.S.).

These companies have shown their dominant presence in various fields of the gas industry.

The other key players in the market are:

Airtec Gases Inc (U.S.)
Matheson Trigas, Inc ( U.S.)


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