India Manufacturing Contributed 24% of the National GDP in 2014

Date: 2015-08-13

In 2014, Indonesia had the 17th largest GDP globally just behind Mexico and Netherlands. The country is characterized by a high urbanization rate. In 2012 close to 53% of the country鈥檚 population lived in cities. This figure is expected to rise to 71% by 2030. Indonesia is the world鈥檚 fourth most populated country behind China, India and the United States. In 2015 the country鈥檚 population was 255,708,785 people close to 58% of whom live on the island of Java.

Manufacturing is one of the key sectors in in Indonesia鈥檚 which employs more than 15 million people and is an attractive target for foreign direct investment. The sector contributed 24% of the national GDP in 2014. The country鈥檚 main manufacturing industries are automotives, chemicals, electronics, textiles, footwear, food & beverage, palm oils and metal products.

The country鈥檚 manufacturing sector is boosted by the large availability of cheap labor and rising consumption from the growing middle-class. Indonesia differentiates itself from its Southeast Asian neighbors by its high urbanization. However, the sector is not performing at its full capacity in the country due to various problems such as poor infrastructure and an unstable business environment

The report 鈥業ndonesia Manufacturing Sector Analysis鈥檋ighlightsthe key dynamics ofIndonesia鈥檚 manufacturing sector. The potential of the sector has been investigated along with the key challenges.The current market scenario and future prospects of the sector has also been studied.The report contains latest verbatim of industry experts.


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