Date: 2015-08

Shoppers are continuously facing a wide spectrum of choices in-store for the health & beauty category. The large variety of product types, brands, pack sizes, and price points, means that catching shopper attention and standing out at the shelf is becoming increasingly challenging.

In addition, grocery retail formats face increasing competition from health & beauty specialist retailers, thus generating the need for mainstream grocery retailers to invest in the store environment and enhance overall shopping experience through expert and personalised advice, as well as through added in-store services, such as product demonstrations, beauty salons, and in-store pharmacies, among others. The overall experience that specialists provide is a key distinction that shoppers highly value, and that grocery retailers are, thus, increasingly looking to emulate.

Both brands and retailers need to constantly innovate in the execution in-store, creating excitement around the category to drive footfall, providing added value through education on product specifications, benefits, and usage ideas, and ensuring shoppers’ purchasing decisions are as easy and straightforward as possible. This approach will enable grocery retailers to better position themselves as experts in the category, and therefore, convert sales.

This report provides the latest innovations around category management for the health & beauty category, with the aim to assist you in taking your category to the next level, thus driving footfall, engaging shoppers, enhancing shopping experience, and ultimately, increasing sales and shopper loyalty. This report is the result of extensive in-store analysis derived from a mix of both developed and emerging markets, as well as from a variety of store formats, both big and small box retailing.

In-store analysis focuses on six key topics in order to identify global best practices for the health & beauty category: aisle innovations, displays, cross merchandising, promotions, checkout, and private label vs. brands.


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