Hyaluronic Acid Viscosupplementation Market

Date: 2016-05

Viscosupplementation is the treatment for Osteoarthritis which is the most common joint disease affecting the middle age to elderly section of the people. In this method, doses of hyaluronic acid are given through injections in affected joints in the synovial fluid. The course of treatment can be of single injection formulation or subsequent doses of multiple-injection (three-injection) formulation. Viscosupplementation helps in reducing pain and improving joint movements.
Currently the market for Hyaluronic Acid Viscosupplementation is estimated to be around $2 billion and is poised to grow in the future. The steady growth of 6.5% can be attributed to the rise in the geriatric population globally as Osteoarthritis affects the aging population to a great extent. Also, the rise in cases of obesity worldwide has led to higher prevalence of Osteoarthritis leading to a growing demand for its treatment. These factors will provide a strong impetus to the growth of Hyaluronic Acid Viscosupplementation market. In India, Osteoarthritis is prevalent amongst 30-35% of its aging population which is a driving factor for the growth of Hyaluronic Acid Viscosupplementation market in the country (Satelli, 2014).
Injection site pain and joint pain swelling can be the restraining factors for the growth of the Hyaluronic Acid Viscosupplementation market. The global market for Hyaluronic Acid Viscosupplementation is expected to grow with the intensive research being conducted on the usage of Hyaluronic Acid and Viscosupplmentation for different types of joint treatment.


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