Holographic Display is a Technology in which the Information is Stored and Retrieved in Three Demotions

Date: 2015-08-18

Holographic display is a technology in which the information is stored and retrieved in three demotions and can be reconstructed later for projection or display.  A spatial light modulator is used to reconstruct the 3D objects for 2D or 3D screens. The holographic displays offer realistic full-color images with extremely high resolution. This display technology is mainly used to project (or show) the images floating in the air. The addition of holographic principle into the display technology is not only the most promising but also a challenging development for the future. The holographic display provides improvement in the positions of images on screens as well as enhancements of sizes; it also has the ability to project images in a thin layer of air without any specific surface.

This report is based on the extensive research study on the holographic display鈥檚 market and aims at identifying the entire market and all its sub-segments through extensively detailed classifications, in terms of both – revenue and unit shipments. This report is focused on giving a bird鈥檚 eye-view of the industry with regard to the holographic display market with qualitative analysis at each and every aspect of the classification, done by technology, product type, application, and geography. 

The report presents a forecast about the future growth of holographic displays in the global market from 2014 to 2020. The competitive information in this report includes: market shares of leading device & component manufacturers, key developments, core strategies deployed to win the race, mergers & acquisitions, new product developments, collaborations, and joint ventures (JVs) of key manufacturers along with their company profiles.

The report also discusses the future of the global market with road-maps, discussing the upcoming technologies, markets, and application segments with respect to the holographic displays; and also gives insight into the trends and developments related to holographic display market.

This market research report includes the company profiles of the leading players in the holographic display market. These company profiles consist of the company overview, financial overview, business strategy, and the recent developments. The leading companies in the holographic display market that is covered in the report are AV Concepts (U.S.), Eon Reality Inc. (U.S.), Konica Minolta Inc. (Japan), Qualcomm (U.S.), Zebra Imaging (U.S.), Holoxica (U.S.), Musion Das Hologram Ltd. (U.K.), Provision Holdings Inc. (U.S.), Realview Imaging Ltd. (Israel), and ViewSonic Corp. (U.S.), among others.”


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