Hernia Mesh Devices Market

Date: 2016-05

Hernia is a tear or weakness in the abdominal muscle where the inner lining of the abdomen pushes through the weakened area of abdominal wall to form a balloon type sac. This condition causes significant pain and discomfort and can occur due to various factors like surgery, injury, pregnancy, aging or muscle strain. Hernia surgical mesh is a medical device used to provide additional support to weakened tissue. This mesh patch goes under or over the weakness depending on the repair technique used. The majority of mesh devices used is from synthetic materials or animal tissues. The synthetic material can be both absorbable and non-absorbable. It is very flexible and soft and allows to easily conforming bodying movements, position and shape. Typically, the mesh is available in standard assortment which is modified in terms of shape and size as per the user requirements.

In the early days, tension repair technique was used where the hernia is directly operated without placing any mesh during the surgery. This has a high recurrence rate of the condition and is painful. In addition, it takes long time for recovery. In the modern era, due to the advancements in the surgical technology and the industries which provide a variety range of mesh devices, tension free repair and laparoscopic techniques have emerged and gaining prominence.

In 1958, the technique using polypropylene mesh was introduced. Currently about one million meshes are used per year worldwide. In 2002, 58 randomized controlled trials were done and found that use of mesh was superior to other techniques leading to fewer recurrences and less postoperative pain by mesh repair. Owing to benefits such of painless and fast recovery technique, availability of the meshes in various sizes, different shapes and its thin body, mesh devices are being used mostly than other techniques.

North America is the leading market for hernia mesh devices with U.S. being the major markets in 2015. North American region is forecast to have highest growth in the next few years due to growing adoption of hernia mesh devices in medical applications due to its flexible, painless and minimal recovery time followed by Europe. In Europe, ageing population and rising Hernia cases is estimated to drive this market. APAC region is the fastest growing market for Hernia mesh devices dominated by China and Japan.


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