Head-Up Display (HUD) Market

Date: 2016-05

A Head up Display system is a computer-operated system that is able to project information onto a screen in close proximity to the viewer. Ideally a HUD is able to project information, data, images and so on onto a transparent screen so that the viewer can view the outside word as well as key information at the same time. The initial use of HUDs was in aircrafts, specifically military aricrafts. HUDs were then introduced onto civilian aircrafts where a secondary screen was used. Today, HUDs find their application in automobiles as well as in motorbikes where information is displayed on the visor of the helmet.

The automotive segment is expected to be a key driver for the head up display market as a number of luxury car manufacturers have already started implementing HUDs in a number of their models and it聮s only a matter of time before HUDs are made as a standard product offering in many of the mid-size car segments. A HUD is also now being used for a number of gaming applications in conjunction with augmented reality.

As of 2015, Europe is the largest contributor to the HUD market and this is primarily driven by the aerospace and defence industry in the region. In the coming years, the aerospace and defence sector will continue to be the largest contributor to the HUD market, however, the application of HUDs in the automotive sector will record the highest growth during the forecast period.

Head-Up Display (HUD) Market

The Head-Up Display market can be segmented on the basis of technology:
Cathode Ray Tube
Light-Emitting Diode
Micro Electro Mechanical System
Optical Waveguide
In terms of component, the Head-Up Display market has been segmented across the following:
Video Generator
Digital Light Processing Projector
Liquid Crystal on Silicon Projector
Laser Beam Steering Projector
Digital Micromirror Device Display
Liquid Crystal Display Technology Display
Nematics LCOS Display
Ferroelectric LCOS Display
In terms of application, the Head-Up Display market has been segmented across the following:
Civil Aircraft
Civil Helicopter
Luxury Cars
Sports Car
Mid-Segment Car
HUD-Enabled Glass
The market has been segmented based on the following geographies:
North America
South America
Middle East
Following are just a few of the companies that are operating in the Head-Up Display market:
BAE Systems
Denso Corporation
Visteon Corporation
Nippon Seiko
Yazaki Corporation


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