Hazardous Location Air Conditioners Market

Date: 2016-05

The global hazardous location air conditioners market encompasses products which can be categorized as Class I, Class II and Division I, Division II based on the safety levels of environment in which they are expected to function. The market has been analyzed by key product types such as central air conditioning, PTAC, portable, ductless split systems, vertical units, dehumidifiers and so on. Most of these products are highly customized based on their requirements which prevent a standard type of product to regularly go into the market. It’s basically preferential engineering. It is estimate that only around 20% of the products sold are standard or off the shelf, while the other 80% are customized solutions based on the clients requirements.

The report discusses the different end user applications and industry verticals in which Hazloc air conditioners are currently being used. These include: aerospace and defense, chemical, constructions, product manufacturing, marine, mining, oil & gas, textiles, waste management and the residential sector. Each of the different product types are further analyzed according to their cooling capacity which has been segmented by different ranges such as less than 5000 BTU, 5000-10000 BTU, 10,000-20,000 BTU, 20,000 – 30,000 BTU and more than 30,000 BTU. IndustryARC is of the opinion that aerospace & defense and the marine applications have the fastest growth rate among all the industry verticals with rates of around 3.82% and 3.1%, respectively for the forecast period 2014 – 2020.

Oil & Gas, petrochemical industries are the major revenue contributing sectors of the hazloc air conditioners market primarily. The increasing energy demand on a global scale, in turn, constitutes an increase in the establishment of factories in Oil & Gas, coal and marine sectors. Such industries constitute hazardous locations, and therefore there is a necessity to protect all the important machineries operating under such locations. According to Mr. Raymond Davidson, Managing Director, HVAC and Refrigeration Engineering, “Oil prices and changes in other industrial investments will drive the market for the products.” In aerospace and defense operations, air conditioning is needed for mobile command centers, tent cooling, guard booths and towers, missile silos and rocket launch locations, relocatable housing units, berthing houses, military production, research and testing facilities. Sometimes continuous cooling of flight simulators installed in military helicopters is needed to avoid the cockpit from getting too heated up for proper operation of the simulator. High temperatures, humidity and corrosive environments lead to malfunctioning and permanent damage of certain necessary sensitive electronic components. As such aerospace and defense will contribute significantly to the overall market due to the above mentioned use case scenarios of growth.

Company profiles of the main performers in the market has been discussed in the report along with a snapshot of the recent events like product launches, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, partnerships, agreements and so on, to give an insight into the market entropy. The market has also been analyzed based on the top companies present with highest market shares. EIC Solutions, Kooltronics, Thermal Edge, Ice Qube are some of the significant companies in the market currently according to IndustryARC analysis for the year 2013.


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