Guar Gum is Projected to be More Than $9.7 Billion by 2019

Date: 2015-08-18

“Guar gum is a natural gum extracted from guar seed. It has high natural viscosity, can be rapidly hydrated, and is freeze-thaw stable. The guar gum market has been segmented into different grades, various functions & applications of food grade guar gum, and regions. Different grades of guar gum are manufactured according to their industrial applications. 

The growing demand from various industrial applications and the increasing demand for natural food additives are driving the guar gum market. Vulnerability to seasonal changes and imbalance in demand & supply of guar gum are the restraining factors of the guar gum market. The increased consumption of convenience food is one of the significant factors stimulating the growth of the guar gum market.

The guar gum is projected to be more than $9.7 billion by 2019. The market is dominated by North America due to growing demand of guar gum from the oil & gas drilling industry. The Asia-Pacific region is estimated to be the fastest-growing market for guar gum. 

To maintain a competitive edge in the guar gum market, key players focus on the expansion of their production capacity. Some of the key players were also observed to be involved in new product launches to garner a larger share in the market. The report provides a complete analysis of key companies and a chronology of developments with respect to new products and their applications. It also analyzes the market dynamics, and issues faced by the leading players.


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