Growth of Rat Model Market is Likely to Be Focused on China, India, and Germany

Date: 2015-08-30

“Rat models are increasingly being used in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries for research due to the capability of rats to elucidate human disease processes. In addition, there is a striking similarity between the anatomy, physiology, and genetics of humans and rats. Advanced technologies such as CRISPR/Cas9 and Zinc Finger Nucleases have enabled the generation of economically and technically feasible transgenic rat models, owing to which the rat model market is likely to grow at a higher CAGR as compared to the markets for other animal models.

The outbred rat model market accounts for the largest share of the rat model market, by type. This large share is attributed to the high usage of outbred rat models in toxicology and safety assessment studies. However, the knockout rat model market is expected to be the fastest-growing market, due to high investments in the development of knockout rat models and the advent of technologies such as CRISPR/Cas9 and Zinc Finger Nucleases. 

In the rat model application market, toxicology accounts for the largest share, while the CNS segment is expected to be the fastest growing. This is owing to the better results obtained in and the reproducibility of cognitive studies that use rat models. Rats are also a better model to study CNS disorders like Alzheimer鈥檚 and Parkinson鈥檚. 

In the coming years, the growth of the rat model market is likely to be focused on China, India, and Germany. These countries offer a wide array of opportunities for growth and are likely to serve as revenue pockets for the rat model market. All these countries offer high growth potential as compared to the mature U.S. market.

Growth in these markets is driven by rising R&D activities in China, Singapore, and India. In addition to this, the Asian countries have a low presence of animal welfare activities and thus are potential regions to outsource animal models and allied animal testing services. Thus, the Asian region is more adaptive and business-friendly due to the comparatively less stringent regulations. This has increased R&D activities in this region. The region is also a hub for preclinical trials and has witnessed high growth in the CROs industry鈥攑articularly in China, India, Korea, and Taiwan.


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