Global Smart Lighting Chips Market Expected to Reach USD 0.8 billion by 2018

Date: 2016-09-11

With the improvement of people’s living standards, People’s demand for lighting control is higher and higher, such as create a comfortable lighting environment, save energy, improve light source lifetime etc.. In order to improve the comfort of the working environment, lighting control system to take a light sensor, according to the illuminance of current environment to control lighting device automatically, so that the illuminance is controlled within the comfort zone.

The main products composition of intelligent lighting of illumination include smart controller, wireless intelligent remote control, wireless transceiver, IR repeater, computer controller, smart switch and so on. It is smart products, because they are built-in computer chip and software, have complex function; and also are the fool products, because they look beautiful, installation method and basic operation is similar to ordinary switch.

Since the outbreak of the intelligent lighting market, its downstream users soared, upstream chip demand also increased. 

It is understood that the global Smart Lighting Chips Market used in smart lighting was estimated to be worth about USD 7.0 million in 2014, and is expected to reach nearly USD 0.8 billion by 2018, the smart lighting chips include LED drivers chips, MCUs chips, sensors chips and other chips used in smart lighting.

In this market, some of the main contenders are the fllowing:


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