Global PCB Production Value is Projected to Reach $65.65 Billion in 2017

Date: 2015-09-26

Currently around the world, most of PCBs are produced in China, Japan, South Korea, America, production in Asia almost accounted to 90% of total production worldwide. China is leading production in this industry; which produced over 40% of global products in 2012.
In 2010, with the emerging economy entities took the lead in recovering from the financial crisis, the global production and demand began rising up, at same year, the global production of PBC grew 27.3% compared to 2009, hit $52.47 billion, and $55.41 billion by 5.6% in 2011, however, the global production dropped 2% to $54.3 billion in 2012 due to the American and European economy growth lower than expectation, after that, the global production went to steadily grow at CAGR 3.9%, which estimated the global production market will reach $65.65 billion in 2017.

PCB Production Value

What is the PCB
A printed circuit board (PCB) mechanically supports and electrically connects electronic components using conductive tracks, pads and other features etched from copper sheets laminated onto a non-conductive substrate. PCBs can be single sided (one copper layer), double sided (two copper layers) or multi-layer (outer and inner layers). Multi-layer PCBs allow for much higher component density. Conductors on different layers are connected with plated-through holes called vias. Advanced PCBs may contain components – capacitors, resistors or active devices – embedded in the substrate.


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