Global Oil Adsorbent Market is expected to reach about USD 1.1 billion by 2018

Date: 2016-09-11

Adsorbents are used usually in the form of spherical pellets, rods, moldings, or monoliths with a hydrodynamic radius between 0.25 and 5 mm. They must have high abrasion resistance, high thermal stability and small pore diameters, which results in higher exposed surface area and hence high capacity for adsorption. The adsorbents must also have a distinct pore structure that enables fast transport of the gaseous vapors.

There are many types of adsorbents, are roughly divided into Molecular Sieves, Activated Carbon, Silica Gel, Activated Alumina, Clay and Others.

In term of applications include Petroleum Refining, Chemicals/Petrochemicals, Gas Refining, Water Treatment, Air Separation & Drying, Packaging, and so on. Oil Adsorbent is one of them.

According to the survey, the global adsorbent market is expected to be valued at USD 3.8 billion by 2018, and growing at a CAGR of about 6% from 2014 to 2018. With oil and various petroleum derivatives use and transport of the growing prosperity, all sizes of oil spill accidents occurred frequently, authorities order to avoid such accidents, therefore, the demand for oil absorbent is increasingly wide. It is estimated that the global oil adsorbent market will reach about USD 1.1 billion by 2018, and at a CAGR of 7.4%.

The major manufacturers include BASF SE (Germany), Arkema S.A. (France), Clariant AG (Switzerland), Cabot Corporation (USA), W.R. Grace and Company (U.S.), UOP LLC (U.S.) etc..

Demand Growth Rate of Global Oil Adsorbent Market Analysis, 2014-2018


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