Global Nano-silicon Powder Market Worth $ 20.84 Billion by 2019

Date: 2016-09-10

Nano-silicon powder is silicon that has been ground into a finely powdered dust. Nano-silicon powder includes nano silica sol – gel method and mechanical pulverization method on the base of classification, which represent 30% and 58% of global nano-silicon powder market (The classification is based on a process for preparing nano-silica powder).

Electronics and chemistry are the main application of nano-silicon powder product and Asia is the largest nano-silicon powder market on production and consumption.

Global nano-silicon powder market is projected to reach $ 20.84 Billion by 2019, with a GAGR of 17.9% from 2015, and Asia will have a big dynamic momentum on the market growth. The major players in the global nano-silicon powder market are Admatechs, Denka, Tatsumori, NanoAmor, Stanford, Basf etc..


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