Global Methyl Bromide Market Analysis

Date: 2015-11-08

Methyl bromide is a colorless and odorless liquid. It has a strong fumigation, can be efficient, broad-spectrum kill harmful organisms. It has a strong penetrating power to the soil, can penetrate into the not decompose organisms, so as to achieve pest control, disease prevention, the purpose of weeding. So it is also a strong nerve agents. According to ‘the Copenhagen Amendment to the Montreal Protocol’, it has be phased out in developed countries in 2005. Due to the outstanding role of methyl bromide as a fumigant, methyl bromide is still subject to the user welcome. China is actively promoting the process of methyl bromide phase-out deadline.

Except Methyl bromide mainly used as a soil fumigant, is also used for fumigation of cargo and perishable items to be stored, sometimes also used as disinfectant of buildings, ships and aircraft.

Ozone depleting has become currently facing one of the world’s environmental problems, methyl bromide as one of ozone-depleting substances, its elimination is the general trend. Many developed countries have already phased out methyl bromide and other ozone-depleting substances before 2006, China as the world’s largest producer and consumer of ozone-depleting substances, compliance mandate is very difficult, and was officially launched in 2004. The annual consumption has declined steadily starting in 2005, We believe in the near future methyl bromide will be completely Eliminated, and it will be completely replaced by the new environmentally friendly products.


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