Global Mens Underwear Market

Date: 2016-09-12

Mens underwear is the underwear designed specifically for men, its categories are more, different kinds of underwear have different effects, but also have some pros and cons. How to choose the underwear correctly, there are the great impact for men’s comfort, confidence.

The current Mens underwear on the market can be roughly divided into briefs, boxers, T-back, hip-hugger and other many types.

Briefs can be split into high-waist briefs and low-waist briefs. The crowd of leg thick can give priority to consider, and can also be modified leg in order to make it more slender. Low-waist briefs are more sexier than high-waist briefs.

Bullet Pants
The name of bullet pants is derived from BVD, because the initial BVD underwear shape of packaging was designed to the shape of a bullet, become a generic term for men briefs. The crotch of bullet pants more like the shape of a bullet, as the name implies called bullet pants. Advantages weared the bullet pants can highlight male genitalia a tangible.

Legs are too thick or too thin people are not fit to wear. However, most people choose this type of underwear.

Tight Boxers
It combines the advantages of briefs and panties short legs, therefore, appeared the tight boxers on the market, style is simple and eye-catching, become the sign of sunshine boys. Wear some thin or tight makes pants have no traces of underwear.

T-back are divided into single T-back and double T-back. Design that only one line behind the crotch is a single T-back, underwear People are not used to wear will make people feel a bit uncomfortable. There are two sides of the belt is divided into the hip fixed, is a double T-back. The biggest advantages of both styles is the excellent permeability, can adapt to any violent movement of the wearer, at the same time wear tight pants will not leave marks, and is stylish men’s favorites.

Tight elastic long legs underwear
The length of trousers can reach the central of thigh, has a role of bunch of pants, is conducive the thigh muscle to uptight, to shape bodybuilding stature.
There are several different fabrics of men’s underwear on the market, there are Pure cotton, modal, bamboo fiber, Lycra cotton, Nylon, Coolmax, MERYL and so on.

Global Mens Underwear Market Share, by Fabrics, 2015


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