Global L-Menthol Market is Estimated to Reach 55400 Metric Tons by 2020

Date: 2016-09-12

L-Menthol is widely used in clinical and pharmaceutical practice for oral and topical formulations. Typical applications of L-Menthol include the treatment of local pain, pruritus and allergic dermatitis. Oral formulations include the treatment of digestive disorders, such as for example irritable bowel disease, and the use in the oral cavity due to its antiseptic and anesthetic properties. A further established application of L-Menthol is in form of inhalations for the symptomatic relief of sinusitis, rhinitis, bronchitis and similar conditions.

According to research, the worldwide demand of 40000 to 45000 metric tons per year already exceeds the available supply — and is constantly growing because more and more new products contain menthol.

Menthol is the very essence of freshness. Whether in toothpaste, chewing gum or candies, the minty taste of the world’s most-sold flavor ingredient can be found in countless everyday products. But menthol owes its popularity not only to its fresh taste, but also to its cooling effect on the skin and mucous membranes. This is why it is often used for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics like cooling ointments, inhalations, deodorants and shower gels. 

Currently, the global largest producers of L-Menthol are Basf, Smyrise, and Takasago.

Researcher estimate L-Menthol will reach 55400 Metric Tons by 2020 at a CAGR of 6.65% over 2016-2020.

The synthetic and natural L-Menthol market share as following: 


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